Library Books
Whether you are an individual requiring 1 volume or a library requiring several hundred volumes bound; we can meet your needs!

Volumes submitted for binding are carefully inspected when received. Paper quality and margins are checked for binding suitability. Volumes may range up to 15" in height and 3" in thickness.

All of our volumes are oversewn for strength and durability and constructed to give a lifetime of enjoyment. Volumes are bound with high quality binders board, new endpapers are attached and volumes are trimmed 1/8" on all sides. Hand trimming is done when necessary to preserve any text.

Cover material is "F Grade" Buckram, the industry standard. Buckram's poly cotton base is impregnated and coated with an aqueous acrylic coating making it one of the most durable bookbinding fabrics available. Leather, linen C Cloth and specialty papers are also available.Volumes bound in the 1930's still remain on the shelves of our customers.

State -of-the-art equipment is used to letter all of our volumes.
Lettering is available is your choice of Gold, White and Black. Depending upon the thickness,  lettering is placed either vertically or horizontally on the volume in one or several of our 3 font sizes. 
Custom lettering, plates and a wide array of custom lettering colors are available for your special projects.

We currently provide free pick-up and delivery within our scheduled trips throughout California. This service is provided for public libraries, schools, hospitals and businesses.

Please contact us if you would like us to include you on our schedule,
or if you would like a quote.

For a quote on binding please submit a quote request and we will be happy to provide you with one.