pre-bound Novels
Now, an economical way to get many more circulations from your core literature books by turning your paperbacks into hardcover.

‚ÄčNovels are stitched resulting in a book that will withstand rigorous use. Novels that have narrow margins will be perfect bound using state-of-the art equipment and heavy duty adhesive. Our spine reinforcement material exceeds industry standards.

A digitally reproduced LABCO cover is made preserving the original graphics while turning your paperback book into a long lasting hardcover volume. Our exclusive LABCO cover material is strong, durable, and has a distinctive supple feel. Latex reinforced, these covers are made to last!

Pricing for this method is just $8.50 per book*.

Check with us first for pricing on new prebound titles.

*Contact us For Quantity Discounts on New Novel Binding!
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