In recent years, publishers have been producing more and more of their books in paperback form. In fact, as you are no doubt aware, many titles are available in paperback format only. While these books are aesthetically pleasing, their circulation life is greatly diminished.

By converting your paperbacks to hard cover you can lower your cost-per-circulation thus stretching your budget dollar in these tough economic times.

All volumes are stitched thus insuring that pages will not come out. 

Covers are then digitally reproduced and converted to hard cover; producing not only an aesthetically pleasing cover, but a book that will last throughout many more circulations

Our exclusive LABCO cover has a distinctive appearance with bright, vibrant colors. Strength, durability, and suppleness of the cover material provides a unique feel and finish to the book. There is no need for lamination, so the cover will not peel and crack. LABCO books are
the hardcover book with the softcover feel!

Attach your bar codes and call numbers before binding and they will reproduce as part of your new hard cover.

We offer free pick-up and delivery within our scheduled trips. Orders up to $250.00 will be charged at media mail rates based upon weight. Orders over $250.00 will be shipped free of charge.

Simply ship us your paperback books and we will return to you in 5 weeks a book  that is not only aesthetically pleasing but durable as well.

Ideal for children's books!

Please visit our store where you may purchase popular titles already bound and ready for your shelf. All books are NEW. You may also request a quote for any title you would like to add to your collection.

Special Offer for Schools & Public Libraries
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